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Facility Assistance Grants

The Foundation will continue offering Facility Assistance Grants in 2016, with a strong priority of adding 36’ and 60’ blended lines to existing tennis courts and for the building of permanent 36’ and 60’ tennis courts at public facilities.


Our Foundation may provide financial assistance to public tennis facilities for 10 and Under Tennis 36′ and 60′ lines, the building of permanent 36′ and 60′ courts, facility improvement and new construction if the facility meets the USTA National Guidelines.

USTA National Guidelines

As a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to “promote and develop the growth of tennis,” the USTA recognizes the importance of making financial investments in the infrastructure of tennis facilities to foster the sport’s continued growth. The financial component of the USTA Facility Assistance program is a rolling process – there are no deadlines. There are four categories of financial assistance:

Funding CategoryDescriptionUSTA National Contribution
Line GrantsPainting permanent 36′ and 60′ tennis lines on existing courts, paved areas, blacktops, playgrounds or gymnasiums.Up to 50% of total project cost ($4,000 maximum).
Category 1For basic facility improvements, including fixed court amenities (i.e. backboards, fencing, lighting, windscreens, etc.)Up to 50% of total project cost ($4,000 maximum).
Category 2Resurfacing of existing stand-alone 36’ or 60’ courts or converting an existing 78′ court to stand-alone 36′ courts.Up to 50% of total project cost ($10,000 maximum).
Category 3New construction or existing facility reconstruction of stand-alone 36’ and/or 60’ courts>Up to 50% of total project cost ($20,000 maximum)


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