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Nearly $2M Provided to Local Tennis Programs, Public Schools, and Government Entities Through Grant Opportunities

With a mission of “changing lives through tennis,” the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Florida Section Foundation provides financial support to organizations that help people of all ages and abilities improve their health and quality of life through the great game of tennis.

Since 2010, donors have made it possible for over 900 grants to be awarded to programs supporting schools, adaptive programs, government entities, after-school programs, and public tennis facilities across the Sunshine State. To date, the USTA Florida Section Foundation has been able to provide nearly $2 million in grant funding to more than 100 organizations.

The USTA Florida Section Foundation is dedicated to giving grassroots tennis programs the resources they need to impact and improve their communities through tennis. The Foundation alone doesn’t change lives through tennis, people like you do. These programs are run by people in communities around the state – not for money, but for love of the game and the people they serve. Those philanthropists are the engine pushing tennis forward, the Foundation only fuels them.

In 2021, the USTA Florida Section Foundation awarded a total of 26 equipment, program support, and wheelchair grants, totaling $96,385.57. Below is a breakdown of each grant and the organizations that received grant funding in 2021.

Spring 2021

Equipment Grants = $8,863.74
Program Support Grants = $16,828.56
Wheelchair Grants = $0.00
SPRING 2021 TOTAL = $25,692.30

Fall 2021

Equipment Grants = $14,023.00
Program Support Grants = $41,880.55
Wheelchair Grants = $14,789.72
FALL 2021 TOTAL = $70,693.27

2021 Grant Year Total

Equipment Grants = $22,886.74
Program Support Grants = $58,709.11
Wheelchair Grants = $14,789.72
2021 TOTAL = $96,385.57

2021 Grant Recipients

  • BLI Learning Labs
  • Life Academy
  • ACEing Autism
  • City of Lake Mary
  • MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation
  • Velasco Tennis
  • Lake City Columbia Community Tennis Association
  • Williams Family YMCA
  • Don Soffer Aventura High School
  • Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Department
  • Love Serving Autism
  • Posh Rock Tennis Foundation
  • Serving Youth Tennis
  • WestCare GulfCoast-Florida
  • The Sabrina Cohen Foundation
  • Lee County Community Tennis Association
  • Tropical Wheelchair Sports
  • City of Palm Beach Gardens Tennis and Pickle Ball Center
  • Tennis for Fun
  • Frontline Outreach
  • Allamanda Elementary School
  • MAST Academy

Are you interested in helping us continue our mission of changing lives through tennis? One way to do so is by upgrading to the Play Tennis! specialty license plate. 90% of the proceeds from each Play Tennis! license plate sale or renewal goes directly toward supporting recreational grassroots tennis programs for people of all ages and abilities in underserved communities throughout Florida. Do you want to see that funding in action? Stay tuned for a series of spotlight articles in April that will highlight the transformational work being done by programs that have benefitted from the funding provided by the Play Tennis! license plate.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get the support you need for your community tennis programs. Apply now for equipment, program support and wheelchair grants during our Spring 2022 grant cycle before it ends on April 30. To learn more about each grant and to apply, please visit