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Posh Rock Tennis Foundation Impacting Lives of Youth Players Through Program Grant

The Posh Rock Tennis Foundation (PRTF) has been helping make a positive impact on Orange County, specifically for youth players. 

Through the kindness of donors of the USTA Florida Foundation, they were able to receive additional funding, which has helped them provide tennis to over 400 junior players a week at Fort Gatlin Tennis Center and Vignetti Park 

This program grant from the USTA Florida Foundation was requested by Posh Rock, because they wanted to grow their Tennis is Elementary (TIE) program, support of recreational programs at public sites, and promote healthy living through physical activity and nutrition. 

Albert Richards, the Director of Tennis for the Posh Rock Tennis Foundation, said the Foundation’s generosity has helped them make positive changes in the lives of their junior players. “Most of our students attend Title 1 schools with larger than normal student to teacher ratios and have below average test scores,” he said. “Our Recreation Center Program has shown an improvement in their willingness to engage in physical activity and an increase in their self-esteem.” 

The grant also gave them the chance to offer nutrition education and tennis instruction to 40 junior players at Legends Academy. PRTF partnered with Hebni Nutrition’s KYDS program and has seen great success with this. 

To this date, over 80% of participants who completed the program showed an increase in knowledge of tennis stroke, and more than 85% have engaged in some type of physical activity for at least five days a week. 

“This funding has helped Posh Rock make a positive impact on the youth community,” Richards said. 

Prior to receiving funding, PRTF struggled to serve as many people as they wanted at Fort Gatlin because Orange County stopped their afterschool tutoring program in that area. The grant helped PRTF spend some resources toward recruiting more staff and being able to reach out to more people in the community. 

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